The Order of the Knights of St. Columbanus, a Order of Catholic Laymen, provides a hot three course meal on Christmas Day comprising of fresh soup, a turkey or chicken dinner with ham, vegetables, mashed and roast potatoes, pudding with topping, tea, coffee and other mild refreshments to our Guests who arrive at the RDS on Christmas Day.

The Knights also Partner with a number voluntary organisations such as St. Vincent de Paul, Simon, Alone, Age Action, Dublin City Council and others to distribute a further 2,000+ freshly prepared meals to homes throughout Dublin City and surrounding areas.

We refer to the Christmas meals that are taken away from the RDS for delivery to homes on Christmas Day as 'Take-Away' meals. This is purely for logistical purposes as the standard of our Christmas Day Dinner is of the highest standard.

With the assistance of our Partners we also distribute a small hamper made up of everyday essential items such as toiletries, non perishable goods and festive treats. Our Guests at the RDS get a similar hamper together with a warm woolly hat, gloves or other items for the cold weather. Hampers are also filled with soft drinks, freshly made sandwiches and food stuffs which help our guests through Christmas Day and St. Stephen's Day when the services normally provided to the homeless and the needy are suspended.

These small hampers have become affectionately known as 'goody-bags'.

If you are a Current Partner of the Christmas Day Dinner Committee - click on the 'Order Meals' button to place your order for collection on Christmas Day.

If you are not currently a Partner of the Christmas Day Dinner Committee and your Organisation would like to apply to become a Partner and to order meals for collection from the RDS on Christmas Day - place your order as normal for collection Christmas Day and a member of the Knights will get back to you if more information is needed.

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