Volunteering for the Christmas Day Dinner

Every year the Order of the Knights of St. Columbanus is inundated with requests from the public to Volunteer for the Christmas Day Dinner event. We receive requests from people wishing to volunteer from as early as June right up to Christmas Day. Unfortunately, due to Health and Safety restrictions a Maximum Volunteer Limit is set and we are unable to accept every volunteer. We are only too aware of how disappointing it is to a large number of people who put themselves forward to help on Christmas Day only to be told that we have reached our quota.

Since 2009, the Christmas Day Dinner Committee has adopted the following as a basis for accepting volunteers and for allocating tasks and responsibilities to prospective volunteers:

In September the online Registration opens to prospective Volunteers who wish to be placed on the Preliminary Register. Online Volunteer Registration closes when our Volunteer Quota is if our reached. No volunteer registrations are acceoted after midnight on the 31st October of any given year - regardless of whether the Volunteer Quota is reached or not.

All persons that have completed and submitted the Online Volunteer Registration Form will be allocated a time to attend a Health & Safety / Task Allocation seminar in Ely House, 8 Ely Place, Dublin (the head office for the Order of the Knights of St. Columbanus) on a Sunday afternoon late November early December.

Attendance at this seminar is mandatory for all persons wishing to attend the Christmas Day Dinner as a volunteer.

As part of the Health & Safety / Task Allocation seminar Volunteers will be allocated specific tasks to undertake and will have a specific time to arrive in the RDS on Christmas Day and the Register of Volunteers up to the Maximum Volunteer Limit will be finalised. Those persons who do not attend the seminar will unfortunately be refused access to the Christmas Day Dinner event as a “Volunteer”.

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