We are an Order of Catholic laymen dedicated to the service of Christ in daily life, in the workplace, the marketplace, in City, Urban and Provincial areas.

We welcome into our ranks Catholic men, in full communion with the Church, who would wish to bring to the service of Christ their talents and skills towards the promotion of Christian values and principles in Society, for the greater Honour and Glory of God the Father.

To all who browse this site we wish the peace and love of Jesus Christ.
Membership of the Order is open to Catholic males twenty one years and older. Prospective new members are nominated by an existing member to join a particular Primary Council. They must be practising Catholics as defined by the Church. There is provision for Junior membership between the ages of eighteen and twenty one years.

We have four main objectives. These are:

To promote by personal and group action the extension of a practical Christianity in all phases of life.
To maintain a fraternal society of Catholic Lay leadership.
To honour the Faith.
To prepare its members for the Apostolate.

The motto of the Order is: “To restore all things in Christ.” Knights, as with all Catholics, are primarily concerned with their own spiritual formation and salvation. They strive to express this in the first instance in their family circle. This conviction is exemplified in their place of work and public life. They are always mindful that a Christian Social Order in a changing world is not and cannot be static, it must be a dynamic balance of forces requiring constant evaluation corrections and adjustment The aim of the Knights is to maintain our country Christian in outlook, thought and action. To achieve this end we are guided by two principles of action. The first is the law of Charity. The second is the law of Justice.

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